Are you ready for the winter season and holiday spirit?


The El Paso downtown lights is a wonderful place where people visit to enjoy amazing views, great food, take stunning pictures, and experience the essence of Christmas spirit.

Lizzette Valdez

Here comes Santa Claus, the ringing of Jingle Bells, and “All I Want for Christmas” (is sleep). Can you believe that it’s already the end of 2021? With everything that has been happening, I don’t think we even processed that 2020 was a year ago yet. Nevertheless, it’s finally December, the month of merry celebrations and holly-jolly songs.

Now of course not everyone is a fan of the winter season, but because of the new year-round schedule this year, we get to enjoy a whole two weeks off school for the winter. Kimberly Nuñez, a Bowie Junior, is someone who prefers the winter rather than the summer season “because [she] feels like since we are in a desert, it’s rare for it to snow and it makes [her] happy to see it.” Nuñez is not only excited about the winter but also the holiday this year, she states, “We’re going to do Secret Santa for band so that’s my main goal right now. But for New Year’s not that much.”

Some students already have plans for the break. For example, Vanessa Valdez says, “This winter break I am planning to spend it with new family and friends. I’m planning something special because I’m turning 17 on December 17.” However, she also adds, “Since our family is very strict with COVID, we are taking our safety into consideration this Christmas. So, it will be just a small reunion.”

Similarly, another junior student at Bowie says she also has plans for the holidays. Jocelyn Soriano plans to go with her mom and visit her grandparents for the break. She hopes to enjoy the last two weeks of December happily since we won’t be going to school: “I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family during this break.”

Even though COVID is still a problem in the world, it seems like we are slowly returning back to our original lives. So, grab some hot chocolate, a cozy blanket, and spend time with the people you love and care about this year. Stay safe.