“Oso Good” Food Truck: Grand opening

Emily Castorena, Photographers


For the past three years, students and faculty have been discussing about the idea of a food truck that would be run by the students. The idea came when the community garden started, where the produce grown could serve as ingredients and funds available for the truck.

“So initially I didn’t start the food truck. Students raised the money and bought their own food truck years behind, and it’s kind of like merged in with the culinary program ,so I kind of just took it and attempt to start it,” Chef Christopher Puga said.

During the 2016-’17 school year, the seniors in the business academy raised enough through donations from several organization to purchase the food truck. The group raised about &25,000-35,ooo, yet it wasn’t until this year that the use of the truck started with the Culinary program.

“[It’s] exciting because it means that there is people supporting the program and the people know that it is student-run and that makes it more exciting, but I mean, it’s going to be a success,” Puga said.

The grand opening of the OSO Good Food Truck happened March 23 at the Nolan Richardson Gym, where culinary students held a lunch event for the faculty, where they thanked everybody who had helped with the development of the food truck.

“It was rewarding. It was exciting, something new for Bowie, something new for the city. First of its kind for a student-run food truck, so it was pretty exciting,” Puga said.


Photos taken by Chris Baca, Mark Morales, Ricardo Valles