True Motivation


By Fernanda Ortiz, Staff Writer

Throughout his senior year, Raul Nieto had to face affliction and happiness and learn how to handle both of them. Nieto firmly thinks it’s his mom who helps him do his best at every task he faces.

“I expect to have a great day and make my mom proud,” Nieto said.

His motivation to work harder is his mother but during the magical soccer run this year, he had to use her as a motivation even more. On March 11, she passed away during his soccer season.

“My motivation will always be my mom who passed away a month ago. I think she is the one who helps me do my best at anything,” Nieto said.

With the best intentions in the world, Coach McElroy was Nieto’s main supporter and taught him how to give his best and play for his mother.

Soccer season made Nieto make a lot of sacrifices, his passion for soccer was what sustained his whole dedication to it. Two of the most important sacrifices were to always go to practice even though he was not having a good time and taking care of grades in order to play.

“It’s one of the hardest chapters of my life to close because I was getting used to having this kind of life,” Nieto said.

As a senior who helped win four championships, Nieto enjoyed high school and wants to finish it in the best way. Since Nieto’s father has been the only one to graduate high school, graduation means more than just walking and receiving his diploma for Nieto. He expects to have an outstanding day and make his mother proud.

For once, Nieto will be able to say all the work and sacrifices he did in order to graduate were worth it. It was a year full of lessons and memorable moments.