The “Number One” Fight

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The “Number One” Fight

Jacob Marrufo and Lluvia Rodriguez

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As Sara Oriz goes up to the mic she feels nervous and honored not knowing if she’ll be speaking as valedictorian or salutatorian. The run between her and Johanna Gutierrez has been really close.

“I feel that the race is something really important for both of us. The fact that we are really close to each other makes us really nervous and i feel that despite the outcome we would be able to be successful.”

Her biggest motivation is her family, her siblings play a big part of her education. She want to set an example to her youngest sister and be a role model for her.

“To me, my younger sister Fernanda has been something that keeps me going. I want her to see me as an example and to know that i am accomplishing things to make her proud of me and for a better future for us,” Ortiz said.

She plans to attend UTEP and feels that it’s a great school for engineering and is very confident with her decision.

“I feel confident with my decision i think that it would provide me with great opportunities and the knowledge to be successful,” Ortiz said.

By: Jacob




Johanna Gutierrez has been motivated to be at the top of her class ever since she came to El Paso in fourth grade. She realized that she wanted to work very hard especially because she struggles to cross the bridge every morning. That was her motivation to be better.

“Throughout the years, I improved a lot so i wanted to keep going,” Gutierrez said.

She had many plans and wanted to to anything in her power to make not only herself but her family proud. Her goal this year was just to enjoy her last year of high school and perhaps be valedictorian. That’s why she put extra work and effort into her academics.

“I would definitely thank my parents for supporting me throughout this journey.”

She plans to attend UTEP and major in nursing and she is beyond grateful that all her expenses will be paid for. Getting to where she is wasn’t easy but she’s proud to be the salutatorian of Bowie’s very own class of 2018.

“I feel proud to be #2 in my class, I feel nervous but it will be the day i will never forget,” Gutierrez said.

By: Lluvia