Senior Year Expectations

Alma Pecina and Victor Lopez

Q:What are your expectations for your senior year?

Roxanna St.Peter, 12,
“My expectations for senior year are being involved more during track season and getting good grades, so I can get more scholarships and mainly get a scholarship for track.”
Alma Hernandez, 12,
“To graduate, and get my credits to get to college, because I wanna have a better future for me and my daughter.”
Jair Reyes, 12, “Finish high school, and get a scholarship for baseball. In these past 4 years for two of those years I’ve been called by colleges and I’m hoping I can get into one of those colleges.”
Gilbert Pacheco, 12, “Trying to get involved in any activity that I can and Im trying to do my best to be the number one in any activity that I do, because it’s my last year and we’re only in high school four years.”
Christian Hernandez, 12, “My expectations for senior are do good in football, succeed in my grades and track, because doing my best in football can help my team too district champions.”