Longer Lunch Means More Than Long Lines For Cafeteria Staff, Custodians


Vanessa Giron and Natalia Diaz

Even though the students are being affected by the long lunch lines at the cafeteria, the cafeteria staff and the custodians have their opinions about this trouble.

There is a contradiction between custodians, some of them state that students are cleaner and some are dirty due to the longer lunches.

“Now the students are doing more mess, as custodians we take so long to clean everything. We have to pick up after them, because they don’t take the time to clean after themselves,” custodian Leonardo Lopez said.

Some feel they do not have to worry about it because it is their job to clean the school after the students.

“I think this year the students are a little bit more clean and organized. They are more conscious about cleaning than years before because of the long lunch they have. Also, they have free time to clean their space,” Assistant Head Custodian Ernesto Machado said.

Cafeteria staff are being affected by this change the school has decided to realized as well, they think the school had more organization with lunch lines if it would stay to A lunch and B lunch, such as last year.

“I think that  if the kids would come earlier there wouldn’t be a line, because the are all getting to the cafeteria in the same time and some of them cut line,”  Head of Cafeteria Staff, Rosa Oropeza.

Although the cafeteria staff have a list of themes they have to follow up, they decided to create a new one for the days the list does not requires, this year’s theme is superheroes.

“Every year we have a theme, all year long we’re going to be decorating the cafeteria with superheroes items, we follow a list of promotions the school gives us, but when it is over we continue with our superheroes theme,” Oropeza said.

As for students they have a little extra time to go to the gas station to buy their goodies. Also some students take that time to be with their friends or to finish any homework or assignment from their teachers.