New Baseball Stadium Officially Open for Business

Katherine Villegas, Staff Writer


As many gathered to witness the ribbon cutting for Nemo Herrera baseball field, TheGrowler Caught up with the newest installment to the school.

Principal Francisco Ordaz kicked off the ceremony by introducing board members from EPISD, Raul Cuellar, a 1972 grad and the 2018 outstanding-ex, superintendent Juan Cabrera and assistant athletic director David Cervantes.

Cervantes, in charge of overseeing athletic activities for middle school and high school, said both baseball and softball fields are getting basically the same updates which include: new netting, lights, new fencing with padding and a “championship wall“ in the center field.

Cervantes went on to explain in his speech that he is proud of how the field turned out and is excited to welcome athletes to the field. Although the rest of the ongoing projects have not been finished yet Cervantes said the Bowie field is one of the best in the city.

“I’m excited for both baseball and softball and all the students here at Bowie. They’re going to have a nice facility, some of the nicest in the city,” Cervantes said.

Not only was the ribbon cutting a special day in the hearts of the baseball team, but it also was an unforgettable moment in the eyes of the alumni and former members of the baseball team.

“The field is incredible, right now it needs some things but it’s going to be the best field and it already is the best field in the city. They need to maintain it and No. 1, they have to win. This is a winning ball park,” Charlie Herrera said.

The ribbon cutting was done by Herrera, the son of Bowie’s 1949 state championship coach Nemo Herrera, while a crowd of cheerleaders and members of the Memory Lane surrounded him.

“I’m happy with how the baseball field turned out and that’s why I call it the ‘field of dreams,’ because when I was attending Bowie, I wish that we would have played in a field like this,” Roberto Rodriguez Jr., class of 1959 and former baseball player, said.

Halfway into the ceremony, coach Juan Camacho was presented with an award by the alumni for leading the teams to back-to-back district championships.

“It’s an honor to receive that trophy. I guess somebody is acknowledging what we’ve done, all the hard work that we put in. I’m honored to have gotten that award,” coach Camacho said.

Coach Camacho said it’s an amazing experience for him and the baseball team, he also said they are excited and looking forward to the opportunity of playing on a new field.

‘I think this is important because I think it was time for a change, it was time for a change and at the end of the day it’s all about the kids,” coach Camacho said.

When the baseball season finally kicks off in February it will do so with the support of family, friends, and loyal supporters.

“I’m excited for the season to start. I want to see this team play, because I know as I see them playing it will remind me of when I used to play and I will be rooting for them all the way. To me in my opinion there is no other high school in El Paso or anywhere else like Bowie High School,” Rodriguez said.