Football Makes Return to Home Stadium


Photo by Christopher Baca

Andrew Guarduno, Arlene Mendez, and Katheryne Sanchez

As the our stadium is finished, The Growler caught up with the football team.

Ever since the stadium was under construction and behind schedule, the football games could not be held at home. Following some vandalism that took place, the first two home games were moved and the homecoming game was actually their first one at home. After spending their first five games playing at other schools, they finally were able to play at home against the Irvin Rockets Oct. 12.

“It sucked because most of the seniors wanted to play there, but they couldn’t so we had no choice but to go play at other schools,” Irvin Ramirez, 11, said.

The actually due date for the football field was before the season started. Because Andress and Austin’s stadiums were re-done first, the finished date was postponed. The varsity team was excited now that the football field was finally up and running.

“I felt happy because I was finally going to be able to experience a varsity game at home,” Joel Cano, 11, said.

Cano said he liked the new features of the football stadium.

“I really like the football field’s features because they changed the whole layout of the field, the end zone says ‘Bowie Bears’ on it and it’s more clean,” Cano said.

Ramirez said the football team was so happy when they received the news of being able to play at home.

“It was great because when we first saw the schedule, we didn’t have a lot of home games and when we saw the stadium we were really happy to finally be able to play,” William Carrasco, 11, said.

Carrasco was excited for the homecoming game. The football team and himself were looking forward to their first home game being a homecoming game.

“I’m excited for all the people coming to watch us finally being able to play on our stadium,” Carrasco said.

Unfortunately, the first home game didn’t come out as expected. There was heavy rain, not as many people attended the football game and Irvin ended up taking the win 24-14.