New Tech Social, Cookout Showing HOCO Spirit


Cookouts are for bonding with friends and teachers to have fun. It also supports the Homecoming Game because they can be cheering and painting themselves to show it, or just be there the whole day.

“I went to the cookout because I think it is better hanging out after school with a lot of friends and students than being at home bored,” new teach teacher Mr. Joel Rodriguez said.

The New Tech students supporting the Homecoming Game is not a new idea but was the first one this year. It brought students to the cookout and then to the game altogether since students like to spend time with each other.

“(I went) to the cookout because I want to spend time with my favorite teachers and with my friends,” Priscilla Meraz, 11, said.

The rainy day pushed people indoors so students played board games, danced and did face painting.

“I like the idea of a cookout supporting the Homecoming because we can eat at the cookout and go to the game with a lot of energy and cheer,” Meraz said.

Students hope another cookout does happen, hopefully with better weather, but to also build more of a bond and get more students to the game. They said it’s a very good way to make new friends.

“I’d love to do another cookout. We are wanting to do tamales before Christmas, like have a group and build tamales because our culture food is very important and making food for people that you love is awesome,” Mr. Rodriguez said.