New Traditions as well as Returning Traditions

Prisila Gurrola, Jacquelyn Urrutia, Hector Montes, and Nathassja Jacquez

The New

Combining the old with the new, Homecoming week brought in both kinds of traditions.

October 10 was the parade in which everyone comes together and shows their pride. Twenty-five school organizations from Bowie, Hart, and Guillen showed up, including the Reaper football teams as families lined up the streets of Segundo Barrio.

Priscilla Meraz, 11, said she liked that everyone came together as one and seeing people showing their Bowie pride by wearing the blue shirts.

“Yes, I want this to continue because it’s fun showing our Bowie pride and also showing that we are proud to be in this school. I think that the parade is something not necessary but it also makes people see that Bowie is not bad things and we are all about being together and celebrating,” Meraz said.

Meraz, who was with the New Tech float, said she has a fun time at the parades. She enjoyed giving candy to the kids and seeing them smile while they receive delicious treats.

Karanth Reyes, 11, liked the parade since he was part of it as the junior prince.

“Of course I want this to continue because it is my first time being junior prince and next year I will go for the senior king. I want to be in the parade again because I loved being part of the parade for the first time,” Reyes said.

Reyes had fun being part of the parade and showing Bowie pride which he is good at.

Fernanda Ortiz, 11, was the junior princess and said she enjoyed being in the parade and seeing everyone in Bowie come together.

“I definitely want the parade to continue because it’s fun seeing everyone showing their Bowie shirts or just showing love towards Bowie. Since it is my first time being part of the parade, I enjoyed it and it’s something I would definitely want for it to continue,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz had fun being part of the parade and seeing the kids get candy from everyone while their parents and Bowie alumni showed their everlasting bowie spirit.                 

 The following day, the “Drive-In Movie” took place on the soccer practice field where students watched “Grease” in honor of the homecoming theme “Bears through the Decades.”

Joseph Flores, 12, said that the “Drive-In” was definitely something different from last year.

“I did like the movie because it’s a cool movie, which I got to enjoy with my friends and have food while you watch the film and just have fun with friends,” Flores said.

Although Flowers did not expect the school to actually go through with the “Drive in” idea because of his lack of interest in it, the “Drive in” was a success. Students brought chairs or blankets and watched it on an inflatable screen from the grass.

“I did actually find it fun because it made me more close with my friends and also have like a throwback vibe,” Flores said.

Araceli Cano, 11, thought the “Drive-In” was a nice surprising twist compared to last year’s homecoming.

“I did like the movie since it is one of my favorite old movies and it’s just one of the greatest movies ever,” Cano said.

Cano didn’t expect the “Drive-In” because she thought it was too “cringey” for the single couples.

“I enjoyed it because I got to see how people in the old days used to watch movies and also I just got to relax, eat some chips with a drink while I was with my bests friends. That’s a good junior memory,” Cano said.

The Old

This year’s homecoming assembly was filled with spirit. Everyone from faculty, staff and students had a lot of spirit to go around. Student Activities Manager, Mr. Sam Attel, has done the past 25 assemblies and set them up this year once again.

“The hardest part about homecoming was setting the lunch timeactivities, because you never know how it’s going to go. You hope that it goes well,sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t,” Mr. Attel said.

Mr. Attel is very thankful for all the help he received for homecoming.

“I’m most proud of all the help from the kids participating, and all the help from the teachers like Mr. Vega, Ms. Rios and Grace, because it’s not easy to do this, to

teach class and run an office. It’s pretty time consuming,” Mr. Attel said.

“I love the end result because no matter what happens during homecoming, it’s always fun, everyone has a good time.”

Mr. Attel is proud of how the homecoming events ended up. He said that as long as everyone has a good time, then he’s happy.

Axel Rodriguez, 12, has been the emcee for all of the previous pep rallies this year and dressed up to emcee the biggest pep rally of the year. He is proud of what he’s done throughout homecoming week.

“I showed spirit from the games, to dressing up, to hosting the assembly. I feel proud of everything I’ve done over my four high school year,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said that his senior class represented well and kept their spirit as well as the other classes.

“The hardest part was actually talking in front of all those people. I know I didn’t seem that nervous but just the thought of speaking in front of hundreds of people will get anyone nervous. Not messing up was the hardest part,” Rodriguez said.