As a Senior, Are You Participating?

Alejandro Reyes and Cinthia De La Cruz

“Yes, because I never participated in any homecoming events the last three years and I gave it a try this year. I’m trying to participate in the activities as much as I can because I do not have any clothes to wear for this theme that is ‘Battle of the Decades’. For me, I think it is important because since its my last year and I’m trying to make it as fun as possible. Since I didn’t enjoy the last 3 past homecoming year events, I think it’s important to have fun in my last homecoming week. I believe they should participate their last homecoming week because it will be the last one they will ever experience.
“(I didn’t dress up) because I feel embarrassed but if I wanted to dress up I would do it but I do not have any good friends to dress up with and I would be ashamed to dress by myself. I think it’s important because its my last opportunity to be able to enjoy these type of events and you can’t feel the same in any type of situation. Seniors should participate because they are the ones who have to set the example for the next generations, and to be more united and make the homecoming week better than it is. Well I’m not participating in this moment but if I was participating I would be enjoying this last homecoming week. The past years was better than this year because they did more fun activities and made the school more united.”
“Yes, because it is fun to see each other’s school spirits and my friends and I have fun together. Since it’s our last year of high school, I think everyone should enjoy it as much as possible. Because since it’s the last year of high school, I believe they should be more involved in school activities, so they can have something to remember. If they didn’t get involved these three years, they can at least participate in their last one. They should participate because its gonna be their last time being a high school student and you will never experience something like this again. I feel good but sad at the same time because since I didn’t participate the last three years, I decided to participate in my last one, even though I wish I did participate before. It’s better now because before it used to be always the same thing, for example with the pajamas, we all knew that was always on Monday and nothing changed. It’s good that they changed the events and the tradition.”