Jardin to Host First Fun Run This Sunday

Katherine Villegas, Staff Writer

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 The Bowie Jardin will be hosting its very first Oso Fun Harvest Run Fundraiser and costume contest at 8 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 28 in the front of the school. In addition to the 5k run and contest, there will also be a one-mile walk, farmers market, music and dance entertainment.

The Oso run helps collect money that will go towards garden updates like equipment and utilities, irrigation supplies, materials for the produce market and some of that money will also be saved for future fundraisers.

“The money will be going to our jardin account, and with our jardin account we do different things, we even use some of that money to spend on our future fundraisers like we did on this one. We paid a organizer so that we can make this race a professional one so that everyone can have a good time,” jardin director Mr. Luis Loweree said.

The run is being hosted and put together by former jardin director and dance coach Ana Suffle and Mr. Loweree who are in charge of the Bowie Jardin club. Mr. Loweree said the Oso Run is not just a fundraiser, it is a fun run that celebrates the jardin, and is also a way to celebrate the  school in general.

“The run will raise money for our garden and it also invites the community to be a part of Bowie High School and our jardin It’s kind of a way to show the public what it is we do with our garden,” Loweree said.

This is the first fundraiser race ever put together by the Bowie Jardin but according to Mr. Loweree, future Oso Harvest Runs should be expected every year once a year. The first, second and third place winners of this years’ 5k run will be rewarded with medals.

“I’m very excited, i’m looking forward to the race,” Mr. Loweree said.

Mr. Loweree said in the beginning when the race was being put together, he had some concerns that not enough people were going to attend the race and the people that did attend weren’t going to have a good time.

“I was nervous that people wouldn’t show up but then I realized it wasn’t really important if a lot of people showed up. I think what’s important is that whoever is there enjoys themselves and has a good time. I think now that if I have a good time and I show everyone around me that i’m having a good time people around me will probably feel the same way,” Mr. Loweree said.

To enter the race it is $20 for early registration through Friday, Oct. 26. Race day registration is $25, and registration for high school students is $10 through Friday, Oct. 26. Online registration is also available at http://bit.ly/OsoRun2018 .