Memory Lane acknowledges past alumni athletes

JacQuelyn Urrutia and Hector Montes

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Memory Lane is all about recognizing people that were at the school in the past and being able to know the lead to their success and their stories. Now in its third year, this award has become one an honor to them, knowing they are always remembered.

“I’m glad to be a part of this. I feel very honored of being a part of this committee and I do fundraising to honor Bowie Bears,” said Raul Cuellar, class of 1972, and the master of ceremony for the event this year.

Cuellar’s organization, the Memory Lane Committee, held the event in the cafeteria for the second-consecutive year and sold out all 300 tickets.

Nancy Green, a 1969 track city champion, said she was honored, as everyone else, to receive this award.

“I received this award in a such a humble way in a way that people deserve and for me it’s so beautiful,” Green said.

Green said during her childhood she was always giving her best whether it was in sports or in school. She said she learned from her coaches and teachers. The most important person for her was her mom because her mom always was talking about basketball and her dad was always running like all his life.

Agustin Alcantar, 1970 wrestling city champion, said his hardship was the clothing and mostly the good things in life since his parents lived in the southside and they struggled.

“Those people are fortunate to have shoes but like Nancy said, we didn’t have any pair of shoes and like nowadays you get bullying and in our days we didn’t have that on schools, everyone was friendly but now everyone is being mean with people and just making them feel bad,” Alcantar said.

Still, Alcantar said he always went out and played like he belonged with every other athlete and never let his struggles get in the way.