We have been separated

Axel Rodriguez and Patricia Mojarro

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The new school year brings new changes. Among those changes was one that took all students by surprise. Once given their schedules they realized that instead of one regular lunch, two lunches had taken place. The new system got a variety of opinions from students.

One half who absolutely hates the two lunches, the other that likes it and the rest of the students who don’t necessarily care. The purpose of the lunches was to give every student a chance to eat. This was suppose to solve the epidemic of long lines from previous years. Some students disagree with the new change like Mozelle Espinoso, 11, and others who believe that the new change was made for the better, like Mark Coria, 10.

“They split it so it would be ‘easier and faster’ to get food, but I don’t believe it’s working. I would prefer to go back to the way it was last year.” Espino said.

“I kinda [like it] because the lines are shorter, which helps me get lunch faster than I did last year before the change.” Coria said.

Students are supposed to be divided by class during the two lunches, meaning that freshmen and sophomores have A lunch, and juniors and seniors have B lunch. The class division isn’t so bad until students get separated from their friends. This was the case for Espino.

“I hate the new lunch. I’m a junior and I’m stuck with freshmen. All my friends are in B lunch and I would rather eat with people I know rather than be a complete loner,” said Espino.

Another set of problems is the amount of work that the lunch staff and custodians have to do. More cleaning and setting up for lunch is needed, and sometimes it’s twice as much work. When asked about the problems in relation to lunch, Espino brought up a good point.

“I hate the new lunch because kids are getting confused with what lunch they go to and there’s kids ditching, which I think is making the ditching problem worse.” Espino said.

Lunch used to be a very active, crowded, lively period. Now that the students are divided by lunch, each one is more filled with empty spaces. Lunch wasn’t the only thing that changed. Pep rallies used to be held during lunch time. This gave all students an opportunity to watch the performers. Now pep rallies are held during the morning.