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Natalia Diaz and Vanessa Giron

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Karla Arreola, 11 is a Bowie High School Student that have soccer practices in the mornings and works after school.

“I started working because I wanted it to be more independent and earn my own money,” Arreola said.

Having practice, school and work can be a little bit difficult at some point in life, it gets harder when a person has homework and they got out from work late, there is no time left, this is how Arreola feels in her high school life.

“The season starts in January and my main goal is to win all games possibles,” Arreola said. She is decided

Arreola said that training, having a job and going to school will help her to be a more independent person and to learn to be more responsible with life.

Idaly De Anda, Karla’s Best Friend since Freshman year, plays soccer with her and plans to work in the same place as Arreola.

“We used to hate each other and then we had some friends in common that made us talked to each other. We started to hang out so we found out that we had a lot of things in common that made us beffis,” Idaly De Anda said.

Idaly said that being her best friend has been the best thing that happened to her in High School. Although she thinks Arreola is a little bit crazy, she has a big appreciation for Arreola-.

“Karla is a mature young girl and I feel lucky to have her in the soccer team,” Coach Herrera said.

Herrera explained that sometimes he has some problems with Arreola in and out the field but she is progressing to be more mature.

“I think that since she started working things have changed, priorities had changed but that’s good that she is learning to manage both academics, athletics and now working,” Herrera said.

Herrera said that he expects from Arreola to try her hardest every morning at practice and to win more games than what they did last year. He really expects a lot from her this season because he believes she is one his strongest players.