Peter Villezcas


Arlene Mendez and Katheryne Sanchez

Peter Villezcas, 10, is part of the JV football team. He’s been playing football since he was in 7th grade. Now that the football season has finished, he plans to try a new sport. Therefore, he is planning to join the wrestling team.

“I’ve never been in wrestling so I actually want to try it out,” Peter Villezcas, 10, said.

Villezcas has given his all to the football team despite his imperfection with the sport.

“Yes. he’s a team player and he has a good relationship with all the players,” Coach Ceniceros said.

Ceniceros has helped Peter a lot this season. Because of Ceniceros, Peter has become a better football player than he was. Thanks to Peter’s coach, Peter now has a good chance of being Varsity next season.

“Yes, he needs to improve a little bit more but I think he’s going to be able to play varsity next year,” Ceniceros said.

Kevin Serrano has been close friends with Peter for about 4 years now. They have high expectations for each other. That is why they’ve grown so much as a person.

“I admire that he doesn’t give up that easy. Every time they knock him down, he gets right back up,” Serrano, 11, said.

Wrestling isn’t a common sport. It’s basically thinking about the opponent’s next move. It may be a sport that Villezcas doesn’t fully know about, but with experience from football, it’ll sure help him a lot when learning about wrestling to be a better player.

“I’ll try my best, but I plan to be good at it,” Villezcas said.

Villezcas doing these many things might seem stressful, but he actually enjoys doing all this. A perk of him being in not just one sport, but two, is that his grades will always be up. He can’t really let his grades drop because that have him be ineligible and what he enjoys the most is being out there showing others how great he is at sports.

“I think they help him because he knows that if his grades drop, he’ll be out a sport. Therefore, it helps him keep his grade up,” Serrano said.

What makes Villezcas talented is that he takes the time to practice both sports. After that, he leaves and does what needs to be done at home. Not just that, he still manages to have some free time for his hobbies and being with his friends. Not many people do so much as Peter does.