Making Goals and Chasing Dreams

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Sasha Chavez is not only one of the players on the Bowie soccer team, she is also a member of the National Guard. Sasha has been playing soccer since middle school, but barely joined a team on high school, with Bowie. Since freshman, she has improved herself in every aspect that she found was a problem with.

“My freshman year that I started playing, I did not know anything about it, but with the help of my Coach I learned and improved my skills,” Chavez said.

The first year she joined, she explained how she wasn’t very good at it at first, that she didn’t know anything about soccer. With the help of her coach, she improved a lot in every aspect. According to her coach, she has improved since the first year.

“I balance both activities at the same time because the National Guard happens on the weekends and soccer is on the week,”Chavez said.

Sasha explains this by saying that both activities don’t interfere and she doesn’t have any trouble by doing both before soccer season starts.

“My grades are a problem to the National Guard because I have to take care of my responsibilities and if I do not graduate I cannot go to basic training,” Chavez said.

She means that she has to be a very responsible student and taking it serious or else she won’t be able to achieve what she wants. But it looks like she won’t have any problems because her coach said she is a very mature person that works hard.

For each training that she goes she receives 180 dollars and it’s not much for the money she goes and trains to gain experience and follow the same steps her cousins followed.

“The benefits of me being in the National Guard is getting money to help me pay college and the experience itself,” Chavez said.

With the money she is receiving by being in the National Guard, she said the money is a big help for her college. Chavez also said that the experience is also great, how she can witness new stuff and have fun at the same time.