Homecoming spirit week brings fun and excitement

Photo by Alexis Jackson

Axel Rodriguez and Patricia Mojarro

Whether one is going all out for the dress up days or participating in one of the best parts, the games and activities during lunch, taking part in school events is what makes them fun.

This year’s games consisted of tug-o-war, dizzy races, sack races and lastly musical chairs.

Since this year the classes are split by two lunches, students were given one lunch so that everyone would be able to participate in the games. This made for a better turn out at the events. In the first game, tug-o-war, students were to compete by classes. Which meant first it was freshmen vs. sophomores and juniors vs  seniors. The winner of upper and lower class then competed against each other.

In the first round of the lower classes sophomores took the win because of the low number of participating freshmen.

In the second round of the upper classes the seniors won against the juniors. In the last round of the classes the seniors ended the match by beating the sophomores.

On Tuesday, the sack race took place. Many students had fun with this activity, such as Christian Mendez, 11.

“I feel like it’s our version of the olympics but they’re stupid and fun. I have fun participating except for the part when I ripped my sack, so yea it was fun. I plan on participating in the rest of the games,” Mendez said.

The next day consisted of the dizzy race, where students were to hold down a bat and spin around it 15 times with their head down. Then they were to try and run to the finish line.

Since the students were dizzy it was difficult for them to actually run in a straight line. This resulted in many of them falling down or bumping into each other before making it to the finish line.

Lastly on Thursday the Musical Chairs competition took place. This had to be one of the most intense games of musical chairs played in recent memory.

Instead of the usual place of the field, this activity took place in front of the cafeteria. Students from all the classes participated individually in a hard-to-look-away-from contest. It started of with over 20 people and went down to the last two students. The senior class chanted as senior Gilbert de la Rosa won the game by getting to the last chair.

“I like participating in the games and representing my class. Today I won the last game because I take no L’s. I’m always gonna win so you know,” De La Rosa said.