“I would say it’s not mostly a choice it just comes out of nowhere it is in your instinct you don’t understand where it came you don’t have an explanation for how it came and being honest it’s pretty hard to find yourself sometimes and you have to let yourself go, I think people have a closed mind about it they tend to be ignorant or sometimes they don’t want to learn new stuff. Not really it is not something that I show much I mean my voice is normal I talk like a normal person, actually once because of the color of my hair because I had dyed it and this guy decided to open the door for me and he was lie oh ladies first and I just took it as a joke and then they when out in to the gas station and I went to my truck and they were asking me if that was the thing I drove and you know they were laughing at me but that was like the only time. It wasn’t really that hard since some of my family members had already come out to my mom so she already knew how to live with that. At first it felt like I was on my own but then later on I just noticed that some of them don’t support me at all but they do accept who I am. My dad doesn’t know, my mom I mean I told her but she didn’t support me and my sister she does supports me. It’s a very diverse community and sometimes you meet new people you, you tend to have more fun with them, they are really honest with you if you ever have anything bad they’re not afraid to be honest with you and they’re just fun to hang with and they have a lot of experiences I would say that. Some people think because they’re straight and I’m bi then I am going to hit on them that’s just really the case. The most ridiculous thing is that we don’t know what we want, people just tend to say like oh no you’re confused you don’t know what you want either it’s a boy or a girl you’re just confused.” Vincent Cabrales, 10


“I was born bisexual and it is not a choice, I think people misinterpret certain sexualities as a choice because mostly is based on religion and they think that God is supposed to make you straight and that there is only supposed to be a man and a woman but it is really not true. I’m openly bisexual here at school not with my family at all so it does make you feel discriminated against when they talk badly about LGBT community. My mom actually if I buy certain kinds of clothes that don’t fit her you know thinking that I’m supposed to look feminine or whatever then she tells me that I dress like a man but I really don’t care I just wear what I want. It wasn’t really that hard because I’ve known my friends for a very long time and they’re very accepting of me and who I am, it felt really realising for them to know like if I wanted to be with a girl then they would already know why I think coming out to family it’s not going to be that hard because when I come out to them I’m going to leave and I’m going to be out of the house. My family dosen’t support me. My three reasons why people should support the community are first of all we are not bad people I mean we all just love, LGBT community should be respected for who we are and we shouldn’t be treated as not human cause we’re just human at the end, and because you shouldn’t focus on religion you should focus on you know loving your child and not wanting to kick them out of their house. If they see me around a girl people are going to be like oh you’re lesbian and if they see me around a guy they are like oh so you’re straight now so it’s like no I’m both. The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard about the community is saying that all men that are gay are supposed to be like super fanboy and that’s not true and that all bisexuals are confused or whatever and I really hate when people ask who wears the pants on the relationship on who’s the man and who is the woman.” Naomi Dominguez, 10


“I think I was born gay because I naturally felt like the attraction towards boys I don’t think I chose it like for myself cause at first sometimes you get depressed for some things cause you don’t want to like boys. Fortunately I haven’t been discriminated like that bad, I haven’t being bullied or anything. At first it’s hard because you don’t know how are they going to react or if they’re going to still talk to you but the friends who really are your friends are going to stay with you and really love you. People should support the community because we’re just people like everyone else we’re not different from anyone we are just normal why should we be discriminated. I hate when they assume that for being gay you’re going to wear makeup or dress in a feminine way. Probably that like if you’re a lesbian you are going to be more masculine or vice versa.” Bryan Castaños, 11


“I feel I was born gay because I don’t think those things are not to be chosen, I think people misinterpret it as a choice because they don’t get to experience what we pass through so they just say we are like that to be trendy. I’ve been discriminated just once in elementary but since I answered back to the guy he never said anything again. He was making fun of me for always being with my friends which were all girls so this guy comes and says look at this gay and I just told him that he was just jealous for not being able to be around so many girls and that it wasn’t my problem and he just left. For friends it wasn’t hard because they’re really nice they really support me it felt amazing because they kind of knew so it wasn’t hard because it was so obvious. Of course! Not,well in a way I feel they’ll admit it like deal with it but I really don’t thinks so. They should support us because society it’s just making it hard for us just trying to discriminate us and they make the topic seem as a fashion-trendy thing. They think that we dress up as girls or wear makeup and some people do but that is like another sexuality. Probably when they say that a couple of the same sex can’t raise a child because of what they are and because the child is going to grow up being gay or bisexual.” Karanth Reyes, 11