Who Was The Hardest Teacher You Ever Had?

Gilbert Cardenas, Writer

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“Mr Nail because he would give us an exaggerated number of 5 page essays per semester. I would tell him that he needs to be less exaggerated and find a way of teaching high school students, this is not college.”
Susana Soto, 12th



“My hardest teacher was Mr.Fernandez, I had him in sophomore for biology. I think it’s just the way he runs his class because I had issues trying to understand the way he explains the topic, for me it was hard to pass it but fortunately I made it.”
Jorge Galvan, 12th, said.



“My hardest teacher I ever had was in sophomore year with Ms.Huggins, english 2, because she made things complicated. She said it was due this time and then she will forget and then say was due the next day and we all get zeros so yeah i fail the semester because of her.
Kimberly Cardenas, 12, said.



“One of the hardest teachers I’ve ever had is Mr. Pardo. His Spanish class seemed simple, but his way of grading really wasn’t great. I would often turn in assignment, and not get any credit for it. Really difficult to get an accurate grade when your teacher doesn’t do his job.”
Ivan Corralejo, 12, said.



“My hardest teacher was Mr. Nail because I had to do a lot of essays and I would want to tell him that he would of give us less assignments.”
Esther Contreras, 12th, said.