Christmas is a very special holiday for everyone. Many people decorate their homes, visit family or friends and exchange gifts.  It’s a very happy holiday that almost everyone likes to celebrate, and that includes us.

We will be having a Christmas posada by Mr. Rodriguez, Fernanda Ortiz and Oso New Tech students on December 20 at the courtyard by the small gym. There is going to be three houses that are the representations of homes. It’s going to have six singing groups and they will be asking for Posada on the three houses.

The idea of making a posada was from Fernanda Ortiz with the purpose of the Junior class and not only them, the whole school to have a good way of saying bye to the semester, and she asked Mr. Rodriguez for help to make it a success.

“Because Christmas it’s my favorite holiday and I have to been through a lot of posadas and I thought that it was a good idea,” Fernanda said.

The posada will be for the community which includes students, teachers, the staff and the people that live in the community. They are going to invite as many people as possible.

“ I don’t know how many kids will come because it’s going to be kind of cold, it’s also dark so I really don’t know but I really would like a lot of people there and were also going to have a movie night so when the posada ends at 7 o’clock Mr. Vega is going to have movie night at the small gym,” Mr.Rodriguez said.

There will be decorations in the courtyard, matachines, a mariachi, a piñata, and candy bags for the little ones. They will also have some traditional food like buñuelos, champurrado, and capirotada.

“I think the outcome will be pretty good I see it happening and see people joining it,” Ortiz said.

Mr.Salazar will be helping also by creating some of the houses that people are going to be walking through below, he will be helping with that situation.

“I think it’s a great idea, it’s a tradition that’s kind of being lost, not a lot of people are aware of it, especially young kids so it’s an old Mexican tradition that I think it’s a great idea to reintroduce the beautiful ceremony that they do,” Mr.Salazar said.

They want to create culture by bringing these traditions that we all grew up with.