Coach Vale Named New Head Football Coach

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Coach Vale Named New Head Football Coach

Maleny Barba and Job Armengol

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Starting as a football head coach is something coach Andres Vale is very excited for, he has many goals for his team and will surely accomplish.

“I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. Whenever you take on something new its very nerve-racking. I’m ready to be the new head coach,” Coach Vale said.

One of coach Vale’s goals is for his football players to perform better in their academics, he strongly agrees academics are first then playing in the field. Vale wants to see all his football players be successful in school and the field.

“My future plans are making these kid better in the classroom first. I’m all about academics I want these kids to be successful in the classroom and if they’re successful in the classroom. Then they will be successful in the field. The most important thing is for them to graduate. I want to see them graduate,” –Coach Vale 

Coach Vale also plans on making his football players support the soccer team since he believes there is a big division between both team and they need to support each other more.

“They’re both great athletes and we need to support each other. So, maybe the soccer players can eventually join football and football players can join soccer. It just will make the school a lot much better,” Coach Vale said.

Coach Vale’s only expectation is for his players to work hard and be willing to perform there best at school and on the field.

“ kids work hard for me I’ll accept anybody that comes to the football, anybody. They just gotta be willing to work hard.  I can teach anybody to play football, girls, boys as long as they are willing to work hard cause it takes hard work and if they’re willing to do.I can turn them into great football players,” Coach Vale said.

One of Coach Vale’s biggest goal is to win district on his first year as a head coach. He believes he can accomplish this goal and will try his best with his team to do so.

“My goal is to be district champs all the way. I think I have a group of kids to do it. My upcoming seniors are a very good group of kids with their leadership I think we can actually win district again. It will be great to win district on my first year and that’s my goal,” Coach Vale said.