A Love Story

Jovanna Salinas & William Carrasco

William Carrasco, 11 and Jovanna Salinas,12 have been together for more than a year. for William the first time he saw Jovanna was a special day. He first saw her at football practice and at his games as a sports trainer. “I first met her at football practice she was a trainer so I would always see her at my games and practices which means a lot for me as an athlete,”Carrasco said. For Salinas it was the same experience as Carrasco’s experience. She saw him at football and knew that she felt something special for him. “We met at football practice I was a trainer so I would always see him at games and practices,” Jovanna said. Carrasco and Salinas new that they had something special and decided that they wanted to be with each other for as long as destiny would allow them. so one day Carrasco knew that he was ready to bring their friendship to another level. “The day I disaited to commit to her and give her all my love was on oct 7 2017,” Carrasco said. For Salinas this was unexpected but the most exciting and heartwarming moment of her life. “On the 10/07/17, i went to check on him because he was at the hospital the day before so at the moment we were talking and when i got to his house he asked me there,” Salinas said. Distance in a relationship can be really difficult for some people, but for Carrasco and Salinas this not an issue. Carrasco and Salinas see each other every day at school, and sometimes in the weekends. “Every day after school and once on weekends so basically everyday,” Salinas Said. Carrasco has a different perspective because he is always thinking of her. “Everyday because even though i might not she her she is always on my mind and heart,” Carrasco said. A lot of things can remind you of your relationship but for Carrasco and Salinas its food. Carrasco thinking of wings reminds him of Salinas and their first date. “Wings because its her favorite food and we had our first date at a wing place,” Carrasco said. What makes Salinas remember Carrasco its pizza. “Pizza reminds of willy because every time we went out and I have a lot of memories of it,” Salinas said. Couples do a lot a things for each other but there is always that one thing that you will never forget. It can be a simple thinks as taking some one some whereof things like that. For Carrasco he will never forget his birthday surprise. “The most cute thing she done for me was the surprised on my birthday,” Carrasco said. For Salinas the flowers Carrasco took her when she had surgery mean a lot and it’s hard to forget such cute detail of him. “Many things but when i got my wisdom teeth removed he came home with flowers so I can feel better,” Salinas said.

Claudia Flores & Nathan Felix

One day, in the class of forensics were two individuals destined to form a love story. They are Nathan Felix and Claudia Flores. These two lovers were together in a class which the two were seeing each other.

The two, from that moment they knew they clicked at that moment, began to talk, however there was a day in which the two left the class to talk and get to know each other a little more. Between joke and joke the two ended up approaching and giving each other their first kiss and that’s where this love story began.
The first day was in the movies at bassett. “The first date I think where in bassett at the movies, I don’t remember what movie we saw” Soto said.
This couple in fact everything they do together they spend the best as long as they are together and both have desire, this is a key that no matter what they do or when, as long as they are together are the best moments. “Actually it’s doesn’t matter what we do as fact we get together is the best thing to do.” Felix  said.
It can be said that in almost all relationships there are lies but in the case of them they do not do it for a bad purpose, they do it so as not to hurt the other and not to fight each other. “Both we lie to not fight and don’t hurt the feelings because we know how we are going to react.” Soto said.
This couple is something peculiar in the plans for this year. they want to become youtubers and make videos doing challenges or simply record part of their relationship, we hope and succeed.

“Our plans for this 2k19 I think is go out of town like to Austin as well we are thinking becoming youtubers. Felix said.
They want to become youtubers, they want make videos like what are going to do in the day, making challenge like a couple.

Katheryne Sanchez & Peter Villezcas

Katheryne Sanchez, 11 and Peter Villezcas, 10 are a couple that have been dating for a few months, but seems as if they’ve been together for years. Besides the relationship, they have a great friendship where they’re always there for one another which finds them interesting.

“What I like about her the most is that she comforts me when I don’t feel good or when I have bad days. She makes me smile and makes my day better,” Villezcas said.

They barely met each other this school year. Even though they had barely known each other for a few weeks, that didn’t stop them from liking each other. Katheryne talks about how they first met and when they started to talk to each other.

“I would just say hi to him every time we used to hangout with our friends, but to be exact, the day we first started talking was September 14. It was one of the best days of my life, I felt a good vibe out of it,” Sanchez said.

They were talking for about a month before they started dating. Weeks passed when Villezcas work up the courage and realized that he wanted to make things official. The morning of October 5, he decided it was time.

“The way I asked out my girlfriend is that my friend that is like a brother to me helped me make a poster about a topic that she likes the most. Once I showed it to her, she liked it and said yes. I’m really thankful to have her by my side.”

Sanchez didn’t expect him with a poster. She was so surprised and then accepted. Until now, they really enjoy each other’s company. They currently have been dating for approximately 4 months and plan to continue on being a happy couple.

“I couldn’t ask for more. When I’m with him, it’s wonderful how happy he makes me feel. The time we spend together make me fall in love with him even more,” Sanchez said.

Yoselin Alba & Daniel Marquez

It doesn’t matter where the time or the place or were you meet, what matter the person and what’s deep down inside of them.

Yoselin Alba and Daniel Marquez know that for sure they have been dating for 2 months going to 3. The both are very shy person but they both challenge them self to start an new chapter of their life.

“I met him in a XV on November the 3,” Alba said.

Many couples on their first date go somewhere fancy but for some couple the small things  matter and their enjoy it, it doesn’t matter how much money it cost what matter is the memory it created.

“Our first date was walking around the Downtown Plazita and after that we went to eat hamburgers in Burger King,” Marques said.

Asking someone out to be your girlfriend may be hard sometimes because you don’t know what their reaction can be  or because your scared of being rejected so you just tell that surrent person one on one or tell them by message or not even tell that current person how you really feel about them.

“He asked her out at the same day went they went to Burger King and i feel very happy, in love and many more emotions.” said Alba

It doesn’t matter how long have you being with you partner the memories keep adding every time you spend with each other and there are more to come. At the end of the day you’re in love and happy with what you have.

“We have been together 2 months and this month will be 3,” said Marquez

At the end of the day there so much memories that you and your partner have together there are alway a little piece of love and happiness. Destiny will always be by your side and always remember that everything happens for a reason.

Jessica Chaparro & Damian Garibay

Some still think that men are the ones who have to pay an account and those who have to invite girls out when it is not like that.
Damian Garibay and Jessica Chaparro know that very well because they have been dating for 5 months. Chaparro is not one of those girls who expect man to do everything, she knows that she can also take the initiative.

Actually, this is kind of embarrassing but she asked me out on august 31 from last year in morse code with was really cute, I guess,” Garibay said.

They met since 6th grade in an art class and they were really good friends but they stopped talking until last year when they talked to each other again and start dating.

They are very basic and they did not waste time, their first date was in a park with their friends and just hanging out.

“It was like a week when we started dating when we had our first kiss and it was in front of the big gym but I don’t remember when,” Garibay said.

Something that they really like to do is fool around, they are a really funny couple.  They have a great sense of humor. Chaparro doesn’t like to talk about serious things with Garibay because they have different perspective and they think the opposite about that kind of things.

“ I like to make jokes with him,” Chaparro said.

They are the clear example that women can also take initiative and achieve what they want.You have to be brave like Chaparro and not let anything intimidate you, except when it comes to love. You have to be like garibay and let a girl asked you out and not let what others say affect you. A relationship is about 2,no more people.

Laisha Diego & Jacob Estrada

Being in a relationship can sometimes be difficult, it is really beautiful and lovely to have in your life. A relationship is more than just loving your best friend, you have to be committed to be with your partner everyday until the day ends.

Jacob Estrada,10 and Laisha Diego,11 have been together for 3 months “He meet her on Facebook and thought she was really pretty“Jacob said.

For Laisha was the same thing because she always saw him around campus and she fell in love with him “I looked at him in the hallways and then we started talking on facebook” Laisha said.

Jacob and Laisha see each other almost everyday because that how true love is,tell him/her something, give her/him something

“Uhm I see her everyday to give her food or to hang out with each other “Jacob said. Laisha and Jacob spend some time with their friends but always have a chance to see each other

“Sometimes we get together in lunch or on weekends we see each other” Laisha said.

Jacob and Laisha knew that they were going to make a good couple, so one day Jacob realized they were both meant to be with each other, he felt complete by her side so he man up and asked her out

“we started dating on November 1, 2018” Jacob said. Laisha was waiting for that perfect day to come

“We started talking since May and when we were dating was in November”.

Laisha and Jacob have many loving memories together but the cutest thing they’ve done for each other

“ The cutest thing she has done for me was buying me food before a game” Jacob said. Laisha loves it when Jacob is there for her at all times.

“He always listens to me when I have bad days” Laisha said.

Amy Garcia and Joel Cano

Story by Maleny Barba and Leo Ibanez

After 3-4 years of being together,

Amy Garcia and Joel Cano will experience something they haven’t much in high school: being away from each other.

With just three months left until graduation, the two hope to make their relationship stronger.

Garcia and Cano believe their relationship will not change at all because they have been in different schools before. They started dating when Cano was in middle school and Garcia was a freshman in high school.

“I do not believe it will affect us but it will definitely affect us in a type of way that we will not be able to see each other every day,” Cano said.

Garcia agreed things will not change between her and Cano now that she will be gone.

“I honestly think that nothing will change because we are going to see each other like we now see each other,” Garcia said

Regardless of Garcia and Cano having different schedules, they will keep on seeing each other weekly and appreciate the amount of time that they would spend together

“I believe it will be after school for me when she has free time but she works so probably four days a week,” Cano said.

Despite Garcia leaving for college and leaving special memories behind such as going out to eat and spending time together in school, she has faith that they’re bond and their relationship will keep on growing.

“The whole day we’re together, we spend most time such as eating and we do more stuff at school. He’s the one that pushes me for everything and right now he pushed me to get scholarships and I will miss him in college,” Garcia said.

Cano will also miss spending most of his time with Garcia at school and sharing thoughts.

“Spending time with her and being able to go to lunch and just talk about each other’s day,” Cano said.

However, their love towards each other will remain the same no matter where they go.

“I think that if our love is strong enough we will be together,” Garcia said.

Cano agrees with this and hopes on continuing to see Garcia grow by his side. 

“I’m excited to see her grow and develop into an adult, just to see her grow up is something special for me since I have been with her since she was 15,” Cano said.