Love Towards Sports

Mario Barba and Amy Garcia

Being in sports in high school is fun and stuff until you know you have to make some sacrifices to be able to play them. But also being in sports has their benefits. For example here are some students that love doing some different sports. To begin with, Leslie Soto,12  plays four different sports.

“I play volleyball, basketball, track, and softball,” Soto, 11 said.

Soto said that the hardest thing for her in sports is having the time to do everything and keep up with grades as well as sports.

Leslie Soto, 12

“The hardest thing about being in sports is managing other outside activities or clubs at the same time and making sure you try to attend every practice as well as keeping up with school/grades,” Soto, 12 said.

Soto said that being in sports does keep her in shape all year long.

“YES, definitely being in sports is a big factor to staying in shape. For me it’s one of the main reasons why i stay in sports year round knowing i can workout and stay strong to eventually keep it as a habit,” Soto 12, said.

Soto said that she really doesn’t eat healthy but she tries her best.

“ i wouldn’t say i eat really healthy but i do try and be more aware of how much i eat of certain things that aren’t good for my health,” Soto, 12 said.

Soto has and advice for everyone who is trying to join sports, and here what she had to say: “Take every chance given to you and be committed for you to have the results you want! Learning new things makes you have an advantage over others!” Soto, 12 said.


Alma Pecina, 12

Alma Pecina, 12 is excited for the sports that are next in her list. She plays four different sports.

“The sports i played the first semester was volleyball and basketball, but this second semester i would be doing track and softball,” Pecina, 12 said.

The hardest thing for Pecina being in sports is waking up way too early.

“The hardest part of being in sports, specially volleyball and basketball was having to wake up 5 in the morning to be at school at 6,” Pecina, 12 said.

Pecina says that sports DOES keep you in shape.

“I definitely think sports keep you in shape and condition because when we have breaks i can feel the difference from when i work out and from when i don’t,” Pecina, 12 said.

Eating healthy for Pecina it’s sometimes hard.

“Eating healthy during sports is definitely a must, but i do not eat healthy most of the time,” Pecina, 12 said.

Pecina said that if you are trying to join a sport try your hardest and finish all the way through.

“My advice to someone is if you join a sport, finish what you started and always try your best no matter the situation you are, and make the best out of it because time goes by fast,” Pecina, 12 said.


Carlos Varela, 11

Carlos Varela, 11 is excited by the emotion of playing. Varela has being part of the                Bowie’s pride three years in a row.

“I play football, baseball, basketball, and track.” Varela, 11, said.

      Varela says spending too much time in practice all year around is his hardest thing about sports.

    “The hardest thing about being in sports for me would be is that i spend most of my time practicing. I practice everyday throughout the whole school year,” Varela, 11 said.

Varela says that being in sports does keep him in shape.

“Yes i strongly believe being in sports keeps me in shape because i am constantly working out and running everyday in school,” Varela, 11 said.

Varela said that being in sports you have to eat healthy but it’s hard for him to do so.

“I try my best to eat healthy but it’s just hard for me to stay on a diet cause i like to eat a lot,” Varela, 11 said.

Varela wants to give an advice to everyone who is trying to join a sport, and here what he had to say: “If someone is trying to do sports i recommend that you keep trying to get better and don’t give up no matter how hard it can get it will pay off later because it will get you stronger physically and mentally, not only as an athlete but as a student as well,” Varela, 11 said.