The Many Meaning of Love

Alan Banuelos, Paola Solanes

Everyone has different points of view when talking about love, every idea is formed after all the experiences that one has gone through. Good or bad, all of them shape the perspective of what we believe and how we feel about things that surround us.

Even though there are many different ideas of what love actually is, there are some that with all their heart think that love is so important and one of the best feelings ever.

“I believe that love exists and happens in so many ways, it could be with a hug or with a simple question to know if you have arrived home safely,” Natalia Diaz, 12, said.

Some believe that love is more than just being in a relationship, coming from family as they support one another and think of the best for the members in the family while giving comfort and love.

“My best ‘love’ experience is the love that I receive from parents because they’re always there to support me,” Cynthia Sustaita, 12, said.

Being around friends can also provide people with a type of love that can be seen present in the little moments that can be spent together, and when there is moments that might be full of sorrow and unhappiness, they are there to bring joy to you as they lift you to overcome the situation in the most simple ways.

“The best love experience I’ve had was on my birthday after a long day, my friends arrived home with cake to celebrate with me,” Laura Galvan, 12 said.

Knowing how love feels may also bring some moments that can be hurtful. We all grow from it to become stronger and even though it was painful some still choose to believe in that wonderful feeling that fills us with happiness and joy.

”My worst love experience was with my ex, I had real feelings for him but he betrayed me,”Sustaita said. “I do think love exists because even during harsh situations, love will always be present.”