National Polar Day

Alan Banuelos and Paola Solan

It is well known for some Bowie H.S. students that the school mascot is a Polar Bear. February 27th is the National Polar Bear Day to learn more about them and conservation efforts where the polar bear is concerned. The Growler caught up with some students to ask if they actually knew this fact. After a quick survey, The Growler realized that only two out of three students knew what animal their school mascot is inspired in. All students agreed that they knew of the Polar Bear extinction danger.

I believe that people is not conscience of all damage we are doing to nature and do not appreciate how important it is for us” Jennifer Sanchez, 12, said.

Lastly, The Growler asked the students on preservation methods we all can implement to help reduce future problems for Polar Bears, most students agreed that recycling and reduce gas emissions will definitely help.

“I believe that trying to reduce gas emissions to the ozone layer will help a lot” Ruben Atayde, 11, said.