Dissecting Pigs

Maleny Barba, Writer

Dissecting is either the best part of biology or the grosses for many students. Mr. Chi is now in unit nine and it is about animal systems as a result of this the student got to dissect pigs.

Dissecting pigs will benefit the students with the unit they are in because they are doing hand on hand activities with the animal system.

“For them tell are going to learn more since they are doing things with their hands especially kinesthetic learners because it is not the same to watch a video of the systems than actually opening the animals,” Mr. Chi said.

Most of the students enjoyed dissecting the pigs however some of the students were very grossed out by the smell and the just over all dissecting.

“I think most of them like it except  the students that are queasy the smell is a little bit  off setting but it is ok,” Mr. Chi said.

Below are some photos of the dissecting.