What Would Be Your Senior Prank?

Kimberly Robledo and Jessica Chaparro

Adolfo Polanco

I don’t have something in mind, but I would like to do something that is not as extreme as the past years. When I was a freshman, some seniors burned a bus and that was  really extreme.

Ethan Ontiveros

I would like to prank Mr.Vega, the yearbook teacher by hiding all his cameras. I think that it would be funny to see his expression when he doesn’t see the cameras in his room.

Sabina Garcia

I would like to do a prank to Mr. Fernandez, the biology teacher. I would like to scare him. He is really paranoid, so I would act as if I had an attack.

Jorge Galvan

If I got the chance to do a senior prank I would come dressed as the principal. I think it would be something weird, but it would catch other’s attention. It would be something memorable.