Best Guitarist At Bowie

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Best Guitarist At Bowie

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Art is the a talent is not just to be able to draw or to paint, art every is type of sport, video gaming, singing, and many more things that you could do that makes you feel good and passionate.

Art is not just about drawing and painting, art comes in any type of thing that you like to do,

What other forms of art are there besides drawing and painting? Sports, editing, photography, graffiti, sculpture and many more.

Raul Carrillo is a junior at Bowie High. He is the guitar player of the band La Nueva Frontera. We asked a couple of questions this were Carrillo’s answers.

“Nobody taught me how to play the guitar” Raul Carrillo said

The 11th grader said that he learned just watching guitar tutorial on youtube.

Raul Carrillo said that nobody inspired him to play the guitar.

“It was something that mesmerized me and i practiced a lot.” Carrillo said.

“I am not yet the musician that  i would like to be, I am working on it.” Bowie 11th grader said.

Carrillo said that he doesn’t compete with any other guitarist, every guitarist is good but there is people who practice more than others.

Carrillo said that he feels good being the band guitarist but he would love to be the singer in a future.

“My top three musical influences are Hector Cabrera, Amilkar Galaviz and Carlos Ulise.” Raul Carrillo said

11th grader Raul Carrillo said that he works hard to someday play like them, at their same level.

Carrillo said that nobody stands between him and his dream goal.

“It’s me who decides whether to keep going or give up.” Nueva Frontera Guitarist said.

“My Greatest goal is to be one of the biggest Musicians and guitarist.” Carrillo said.

Raul Carrillo said that The meaning of his band Nueva Frontera Nueva means a new style in this music genre and Frontera is because we leave in between Juarez and El Paso.

“We have many of our memories in both cities and that name identifies where we come from.” Carrillo  said.

“This band started with me and my cousin, and a few of our friends wanted to do something similar so we integrated them to the group.” Raul Carrillo said.

Raul Carrillo said that he never thought he would be joining a band as the guitar player,

“Honestly i never thought i would reach this level i always wanted to be a soccer player jajaja,” Carrillo said.