Baseball One Win Away From 3rd-Straight District Title


Armando Yanez, Sports Writer

Coming off a 6-2 win against El Paso High last week, the varsity baseball team currently sits in a three-way tie for first place in the district standings, and a win in their next game could clinch them a share of the district championship, for the third year in a row.

“The biggest importance of this next game is winning because we have another shot of winning a district championship again. There is a lot that can happen after this game,” Nathan Felix, 12, said.

The team is in a tough position at this stage in the season, as various results in other games around the district including their last game could lead to a potential district championship, as well as a potential chance to miss the playoffs. Five teams in the district are within one game of each other, and there is no telling what can happen between these teams that sit near the top of the district standings.

Winning six of their last seven games, the team currently sits at a district record of 11-4, with a 15-9 record overall. Their fate will depend highly on the result in their last regular season game, where they will take on Chapin High School April 26 at home.

Simply put, a win gets them a share of the title, a loss puts them in a possible three-way tie for third and fourth, which could mean no playoffs at all.

“There is a lot at stake here in this last game. There is a chance we could become district champions and if that happens, it will be my third year being a district champion. There were some games we could have won earlier in the season but we cannot look back, all we can do is look forward. I am going to pitch this game, so I want to have a good game and win it for my team,” Miguel Mata, 12, said.

The team is well aware of the position they are in, and they know that they have to keep playing their solid game in order to accomplish their goals of reaching the playoffs for another year in a row.

“This game is the most important game of the season for us. It’s been a tough season but it has been incredible as well. We have struggled at times but we have always done our best to come back stronger, and this game we will have to play the best we have all season,” Sebastian Avina, 12, said.