Respecting Relationship Boundaries

Alejandra Lopez, Writers

Being in a relationship is something very special between two people. However, what would you do if your friends changed that? Amber Macias,11 is a very friendly person who likes showing her appreciation for her friends by hugging them. She shares that she’s gotten in trouble for it check out what she has to say about this situation

Amber Macias, 11

“I did have friends that sometimes crossed boundaries, for example like hugging for a long time or flirty talking. I feel like hugging for a certain period of time is more than just friends. I feel like I always unintentionally disrespected relationships because although I say they shouldn’t hug for a long time, I am very clingy to my close friends. Yes, because my excitement overcomes my boundaries because I get excited about seeing my friends. I feel that if my friends are very close in a friendship that makes me more comfortable but there’s a limit like I wouldn’t want them to be hanging out alone if they don’t acknowledge my relationship. I would break up with my boyfriend and I would distance myself from my friend because it is also to blame the relationship.I understand sometimes the chemistry isn’t that strong anymore. I would forgive my friend because we do not need a boy to be breaking a long time friendship. I suggest that we have a conversation so that they reflect on what they did and they learn what they can do to not do it again.”

Of the 40 people surveyed asking If they had a friend that liked their significant other would they still be friends with them, 64.7% to be exact, said that they would no longer be friends with them.

Of the 40 people surveyed asking If it is true that it is a problem more with females, most of them, 82.4% to be exact, said that it was true.

Of the 40 people surveyed asking If they thought it was a problem here at bowie, 97.1% to be exact, said that it is.

Of the 40 people surveyed asking If there was a place where you could learn more on how to respect those boundaries would you assist, 76.5% to be exact, said that they would attend.

If you’re a girl and you find yourself in a situation like this there’s a place where you or your friends can visit in order to learn how to respect boundaries. Visit Girls club it is open to different discussions and they do not judge. If interested visit room A209 Thursdays during lunch.