Senior Questions


Most Embarrassing moment










Rodolfo Delgado

The most embarrassing moment I’ve  lived here at school was the time I accidentally push a girl in the cafeteria and all her food fell to the ground and everybody stared at us and thought it was on purpose, even though it was an accident i felt pretty embarrassed, it happened in the cafeteria during lunch time and everyone there saw it.












Edgar Rodriguez

The most embarrassing moment I’ve live in high school was when a guy was taking pictures and I introduce my finger in my nose but I didn’t know he was going to post that photo and everyone saw it. At first I felt ashamed, but after a while I took it as a joke.











Jocelyn Jacquez

My most embarrassing moment has been getting caught ditching and then put into ISS. I was caught by the school police. My initial thoughts were “my life is over”. I liked it better in there than in regular school.


Random Questions










Alfredo Murillo

  • Which lunch food did you disliked the most? Pizza I do not like pizza at all
  • What was your biggest  fear coming into High School ? To not a lot of friends coming into this school
  • What kept you motivated ? To graduate high school
  • What are you plans after graduation? To go to college
  • What were your best memories in High School? When I was a freshmen and I came here for the first time.










Wendy Enriquez

  1. Which lunch food did you disliked the most? Macaroni and cheese

2. What was your biggest  fear coming into High School ? Begin a lone

3. What kept you motivated ? The sports

4. What are you plans after graduation? Go to college and work

5. What were your best memories in High School? My friends and the sport














Emmanuel Marquez

  1. Which lunch food did you disliked the most? I didn’t like the pizza here.

2. What was your biggest  fear coming into High School ? That people were gonna bully me and I want going to fit in with the crowd.

3. What kept you motivated ? Was my grandma because she pushed me every single day to become a better person.

4. What are you plans after graduation?  I plan to attend UT premium BASA at Odessa & to play football.

5. What were your best memories in High School? Best memories were in football & in every sport I played.













David Gallardo


1. Which lunch food did you disliked the most? The teriyaki chicken with the rice that had no flavor

2. What was your biggest  fear coming into High School? not knowing what I was going to do

3. What kept you motivated? My mother kept me motivated

4. What are you plans after graduation? To attend college

5. What were your best memories in High School? I don’t have one.



Miss about High school












Rosa Ceballos

I am going to miss my friends and also my teachers, they were great to me. My favorite year was junior year, it was amazing and fun. My favorite memory could  be the movie night, the hoco assembly and the pep rallies. I think my whole senior year was funny, there was always something going on. I regret not coming to more events, and/or games.












Adolfo Polanco

The one thing that I will miss from HS is the free lunch, although sometimes the food was bad it was better than having nothing. Every year had its own special things, but i think this year has been the best. My favorite memory from this year was when I became Jesus Christ. The funniest experience was also when i became Jesus for Halloween. The only thing I regret from this year is not going enough parties.


High school memories


High school is based in growing up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Students start their path to a great future, but the hard part is when they have to say goodbye. Part of this journey includes unforgettable funny memories that make high school experience unique. Arlen Solis, 12 feels that the funniest part about senior year was when her teachers got mad at her for not turning in homework assignments.

“The most creative excuse I’ve used to get out of a homework assignment was that my mom was supposedly interned at the hospital and that I had to stay all night taking care of her. The funniest part about this is that the teacher actually believed me, ” Solis said.

Solis feels that even when high school can be hard sometimes, the best part of it is dealing with it and enjoy every anecdote that happens.

“I have two super embarrassing moments at school. The first one was when I had a hole in my jeans and everybody noticed except me. The second one was when I got diarrhea in Loweree’s class but I didn’t knew so I went to the restroom and two girls were there ditching so they heard everything and I couldn’t do anything about it,”

Ashley Adame, 12 also believes that high school can be extremely hard sometimes but for her senior year was the absolute best. She would like to go back to severa moments of this year to forget about the stress of graduating.

“If I could repeat a moment of high school it would be hoco week because that week was a total blast. Everything since dressing up the whole week, the pep rally, the game, and the dance I think it was super cool and funny. I think I would go back just to hang out with my friends and enjoy them a lot since we might not see each other as much after high school,” Adame said.

Alan Alaniz, 12 would like to go back to freshman year were everything started. Now that the time for graduating is here he would like to revive those moments.

“If i could go back I would go back to freshman year because in that year I met my friends and my sister was here too and it was a pretty good year,” Alaniz said.

Nothing stopped Alaniz for making high school the best. Throughout this four years he demonstrated that even when things might be harsh, perseverance is the key to success.

“The best of this four years was when I met my friends because they have made a great impact in my high school experience. The funny part is that I never used an excuse to get out of homework assignments because I never did my homework haha, but still I always passed all my classes,” Alaniz said.