Expectations for This Season

Joel Cano and Maleny Barba

William Carrasco, 12

“My expectations as far as now they are good, new head coach new team and new guys as far as everything we have more connection now. Vale is chill he is cool with everyone and he is going to help us out. I haven’t had any interactions with the coach yet but I feel confident with my team because we have more athleticism and connection.”


Santos Cardenas, 11

“My expectations are to help the team out and be ready to replace a teammate whenever they get hurt. I believe that Coach Vale is fun but is crazy when he gets mad. He corrects everything I do wrong. The senior starters are really good. I don’t. We are not going to have any problems as long as he works with us and we work with him.”

Justin Diaz, 12

“My expectations for this season are for all of us to stay healthy and be able to make it to playoffs as it is my last year. I really like Coach Vale a lot I think he is a fun coach, he likes taking risks and is not afraid of anything. I have known him since my freshman year we get along pretty well, we have a good relationship I feel confident with this team we have a lot of seniors but we also have a lot of juniors but I think we’ll be fine. As time goes by I think the changes are good but having them right away you won’t see a lot of improvement but that is why we practice so we can get everything together so hopefully, there is an improvement.”

Christian Lozano, 11

“My expectations for this season is to have a great season as the whole team has been putting in work. I believe that Coach Vale is great as he has been working hard and is putting his best as the new head coach. I do believe in this team we will be able to win District Champs this year. The new changes that Coach Vale has encouraged are to work as a team on the field and off the field and I believe that improves us as players a lot.”