New Lunch

Jackie Urrutia, Hector Montes, and Grace Vargas


America Lopez, 12

“Sometimes we would go to Whataburger, McDonalds, or even Bodoke. I guess the time since we waste more time getting the food than eating it. Sometimes I go out and buy a burrito since it is faster, or I bring my own food, or I eat at the Cafeteria. We don’t have time for meetings during lunch anymore, and it’s harder to do events like pep rallies, because we don’t have time. It’s a compromise and I think we should take it, because it’s either that or nothing at all. It’s not the best solution but we have to follow the districts rules, because they can’t take time from our classes, and they can’t remove advisory because it is something the district is trying to for more schools.”

Cinthia Tarin, 11

“My favorite places to go during lunch is Whataburger and Mcdonalds. Now that we have 35 minutes I feel like the lines are too long to get lunch and the lines are basically the time we have for lunch so not everybody gets a chance to eat. I stay in the cafeteria now. This affects me being involved in school because I participate in NHS and during lunch we have our meetings and now what they are doing is providing us with lunch because they understand that we all won’t be able to get lunch in the cafeteria. In a way I think is good but in another I think they should put it on the other days too. Yes and no because this is like advisory is good in a way because we get to do our homework and everything but I also understand that is to connect with our teachers but teachers don’t do the curriculum there supposed to do, so Fridays yes we should have a 58 minute lunch and also every day of the week.”

Moises Vazquez, 11

“I would mostly go to Whataburger , sometimes Bodoque. That we don’t have time to eat anymore and I don’t enjoy my lunch. I don’t really go out to eat anymore because of time so I just don’t eat. There is just not enough time to get lunch and I can’t really do anything with this short lunch. Personally, I disagree because I find it necessary to have 1 hour lunch since I have CCTE and when I come from CCTE I don’t have time to eat or I barely have enough time to get to class. No, like I said earlier, it’s not a good solution because I still don’t have time to eat in the week only on friday just the 1 hour lunch, like I won’t be able to eat for the rest of the week.”

Veronica Chavez, 12

“My favorite place to go during lunch was to go get burritos or sometimes get lunch and hang out at the pit with my friends. I don’t like how it is shorter because it doesn’t give me enough time to do anything. Now, I stay mostly in the cafeteria. I think they should extended now because there are some people that actually need that little bit of extra time and like in a way it gives us time to do our homework or finish an assignment if we didn’t have the time to finish it. I think it is because like everybody in the 36 minutes don’t have enough time to eat, especially with the long lines we don’t get to eat.”

Christian Lozano, 11

“Most of the time I would go to Payan’s. Were mostly hurried and not eat specially those who come from CCTE don’t have enough time to eat. I don’t go out to eat anymore, i actually eat at home guess that’s what’s best because the long lines in the cafeteria isn’t great. It affects most of us because the ones who come from CCTE in lunch time don’t get enough time to eat because the lines are very long, so by the time they get food the class has started. It’s a good compromise but, I honestly believe that not having advisory would be the best option. No, I don’t think it’s a god solution and the reason being is that we really don’t have enough time to eat so it’s a loose-loose situation on both sides.”