The Struggle To Get To Bowie

Julian Lopez, Ivan Betance, and Issac Chavez

Oscar Rodriguez, Senior

“I get to the bridge at 6am to get in line and get to school on time. The worst day to cross is on Monday because there’s very long lines.I feel frustrated waiting in long lines just to go to school.I been tardy a lot of times.A solution for this problem is to have a line just for students to decrease the time waiting on line.Yes, sometimes I do concentrate but is frustrated to be in line for a long time.”

Jose Enriquez, Sophomore

“I have to be in line at the bridge at 6:45 AM to be able to cross on time for school.On Mondays takes much longer to cross that for i have to be there much earlier.I believe that they should be much faster so I can be on time for my first period.In the past 2 weeks I have been late for class like 5 or 6 times because of the lines.I think they should open more lines so it would be much faster to cross.I sometimes don’t even go to my first class because of the line.”

Gael Lara, Sophomore

“I get to the bridge at 6:30 AM to get to school on time.The day when there’s more line is on Mondays.i feel worried because I’m scared to be tardy to my classes because of this problem.No I haven’t  been tardy for the lines.A solution to this problem is to wake up earlier or to stay in El Paso.Yes i do concentrate in school.”

Vanya Cardenas, Junior

“I get in line by 7:00 AM  in the morning to have enough time and not be late for my first period class.Monday is the day of the week when there is more line and it takes longer time to cross.I feel this situation is tiring because I have to wait in line for a long time and have to wake up very early in the morning.I have already been late twice to my first period class due to the long time to cross.A solution for this problem would be to open more lines and especially a line just for students every day.Yes I can concentrate in school because of this situation but sometimes I do feel sleepy and tired.”

Priscilla Gurrola, Senior

“I wake up at 3:00 AM because I live far from the bridge and get to the line by 6:00 AM.I believe that the line is huge on all week daysI feel angry about this situation because I’m not able to sleep well on the night.Fortunately I have never been late because I get very early in the lineA solution for this problem would be that the government placed more agents on the bridges to make the flow of the line easier.I am not able to concentrate at school because I often feel sleepy and stressed because I feel like I am not resting.”