Back To School!

Ian Carillo, Ivan Ortiz, and Pablo Torres

Evelyn Villa, 9th Grader

“It is pretty excited and nervous because sometimes you don’t know what is happening.Yeah! Because last year I wake up early and now I don’t this year.My summer was like…its was ok. It was boring and fun.Yeah, I came back from San Antonio, I lived in San Antonio and now I came back here and met with some friends.My goals this year are to be a better student and get involved in some sports.Pass all the STAARs and classes.”

Jarred Munoz, 9th Grader

“It feels normal and I’m pretty used to it and it feels better because I can join sports and do lots of things.Not really, it’s basically the same, get up every morning at five, cross the bridge, and get to school.Pretty basic. I did stay at home and went outside sometimes and watch movies most of the time.Got to the gym and got fit.For sports I would like to win a championship and pass all my classes.Well for sports, I will work hard and practice and for my classes I’ll have to finish all my work and not slack it off.”

Daisy Sanchez, 10th Grader

“It feels nice, basically the same like every year.Yeah it has changed.I think it was pretty boring, i didn’t do anything majority of the time.Nothing really.To get through it with good grades.By doing my homework that’s pretty important, paying attention in class and do everything assigned by the teacher.”

Sebastian Roldan, 10th Grader

“Boring, I never really was a fun of school.Yes, i would say so.It was cool I guess. My goal it to pass with good grades by doing my work in class, and especially homework.”

Dylan Mendiola, 10th Grader

“Right now it’s boring, hopefully it gets better as time passes by.No, everything is the same as usual.It was okay I guess, I didn’t really do much this summer.To finish strong and have good grades by working hard and focusing mainly on school.”