New Freshmans Arriving

Sofia Guzman, Gabriela Gaona, Nataly Gonzalez, and Xochilth Gaona

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Diego Solis

“The school is way bigger and we get to choose classes The system works different In this school year I would like to learn how to speak english.I’ve been adapting really good because a lot of students are from Juarez.This school year will be frustrating because most of the time I don’t understand what teachers are saying. This week I’ve made a lot of friends so it’s cool but academically it’s been hard for me.  It’s been good but as I said, it’s only hard because I don’t speak english.”








Hilary Montes

“It is different because here food is way better and you actually exercise. Also here the classes are bigger compared to Juarez, they were really small over there.In this school year I would like to learn how to speak english and I want to pass the STAAR.It’s been good for me because I am a really social person.I think this school year I will be filled with goals and difficulties but I’ll get through it.My experience has been really good because this past weeks it’s been really fun.It has been really good.”








Christian Martinez

“It’s different because here you have more responsibilities than in middle school.In this school year I want to improve my grades and I would like to make it to varsity soccer team.It’s been good and really cool.I thought it was going to be hard.This week I’ve been getting to know the teachers.It’s been good I guess.”









Danitzy Garcia

“It’s bigger here than in middle school.I  would like to get A-B honor roll all year.It’s been good here.I thought that high school was going to be harder but it’s been easy for me.This week I’ve been getting to know the teacher in a more personal way.It’s been good.”










Jennifer Rosales

“It’s different because of the lunch hours.I would like to graduate in white.It’s been pretty good for me.It’s been easier than I imagined. Ive been getting to know the school.It’s been good. “