CCTE Students

Yvete Gallegos, Jasmin Gurrola, Amy Terrazas, and Daniel Enriquez

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Yuliana Salas

“Veterinarian Assistant.Yes, I’ve been 5 minutes early, although one thing is that after school I have to come back to school for practice and the bus does get there late and sometimes. I get on the Jefferson bus or Bowie, but they both get there late so it’s an issue.I think it’s a thing that really stops you, because it does make you look bad. Like you if we’re going late to class, it makes you look like you don’t have any time management. Although, is not you it’s the bus ; I think it’s an issue.Maybe, after school I do have to change buses but here at school. I will say that it’s on time, although I do have less time to eat, which is one thing I do have to change and manage my time.”

Perla Bouche

“Mechanical.Well, in the mornings I do get to CCTE on time, but the only thing that I don’t get here on time is for lunch. So technically, I only have 20 minutes of lunch which is kind of unfair for us cause we have to go to another school.In the morning we arrive on time so that’s pretty good, but when we get here it’s the time for lunch and we don’t get here on time .It kind of sucks for us because we are hungry; we can’t eat in our next class and some teachers get mad a us for eating in their class so I feel that we should be here earlier.No, honestly I haven’t changed anything it’s all been the same, just that I don’t get to eat as much.”

Gabriela Paez

“Graphic Design.I have been getting there on time I get there at  least 10 Minutes earlier before the bus gets there. My bus is not late.For the other people not getting there on time, how do you feel about them?- I think it’s kind of unfair because the bus driver doesn’t wait for a good amount of time he kind of waits for 3 minutes and then just leaves.I would say that they (bus drivers) should wait at least 10 minutes the latest because some people live far and can’t don’t get there on time.”

Dylan Rios

“Graphic Design. Yes because I use my car, so I can go wherever I want, I don’t have to worry about busses. Well is kind of weird because our school has a 30 minutes lunch break, it kind of sucks because usually was an hour but, now that is cut short people have little time.Just probably add more time for lunch so people can eat, cause we have a lot of people.”

Christian Lozano

Graphic Design. I been getting on time but is usually cause me and my friend go to my house, then from my house to CCTE.I feel sympathy for them cause is unfortunately that they can’t eat.Change or take out advisory will be the best option for anyone.”