Seniors Thoughts On Our Lunch

Martin Robledo and Irvin Duran

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Alicia Ferret

“They have changed the lunch time because I only hang out in the cafeteria and I don’t have time to go for a walk with my friends and hang out with them. I don’t have time to eat because there was too much line.It was kind of hard to adapt because I used to have time to complete my lunch and now I don’t have time to eat, I don’t like it, i prefer last years lunch.”

Kimberly Robledo

“It has changed in a way that i try to find somewhere that was closer to the cafeteria so that way I could go there faster and not waste a lot of time walking to that place.I notice it changed when they show us the new schedule, and i was confused on what advisory was, I thought that it was for just a day or two but then they told us it was something that will take us from our lunch time, and it was upsetting.I feel like up to now have not adapted well because my four years because it has changed so i think that every year I was expecting something to change because of the changes that have been happening every year.I don’t like that it changes every year because its been harder for me to adapt to something, like a lot of people can get used to been in block schedule or something like that. Personally I haven’t adapted very well because i, i don’t have the same routine every year. I like the block schedule with the long lunch because I think we have more time on our classes and that helped us learn more and I also like it because of the longer lunch.No, because of the lines.”

Amber Macias

“I used to hang on a lot with my teachers and try to get some extra curricular things like girls club, we used to go every Thursday, but since our lunch schedule has been reduced we are not allowed to do that now. The lines are usually pretty long so we don’t have enough time to eat so i notice that i come hungry to my classes.I mean there has been a lot of changes to our schedules, I don’t think that ever think I chance to adaptNo i did not like that because were getting used to a schedule then the next year there’s a new schedule.I liked when we had a and b lunches that way we had enough time to eat and i wasn’t that crowded since our schedule has been shortened I don’t really go out to eat as much and i just go to the cafeteria but i usually don’t get enough time to eat”

Aracely Cano

I still hang in the same spot. Theres less time because I check the time and compared it to last years lunch. It’s kind of normal, I adapted quick, I don’t like that the schedule changes every year. Last years was my favorite, because we had more time for lunch, more free time.No, I don’t like it because of time offered.”

Oscar Renteria

I still go to the same spot as last years.I just feel like we have less time compared to the last years, I don’t like it.I adapted quick, it was normal for me, but i don’t like that it changed every year.Last years was my favorite.No, i still go to the same spot where I’ve been going the past 4 years.”