New Teachers

Vianney Guardado and Wendy Hernandez

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Coach Anthony Huerta

“I been coaching here for 15 years, this is my first year teaching, I taught at Guillen Middle School for 15 years and at Hart Elementary, and then I got a teacher job here.  I feel very proud to be here, I like the kids, I like the community, actually my father and a lot of cousins they went to Bowie, to the old Bowie. So I am real proud to be here, where they also worked. Yes, I think they do. They are really nice and in class they pay attention, they are respectful of the teachers and they are also respectful to each other. Yes, I hope so, I hope if I have 10 more years to go, I will like to be here, until I end up retiring. Yes, other teachers are really good, I don’t have a hard time with any of them. They are all friendly, I have known a lot of them for many years, because a lot of them have been at Guillen. “





Coach Priscilla Tellez

“Well because in my previous experience, I did 20 years on the Sheriff Department. At first I thought coming to Bowie I always thought that Bowie was related to Segundo Barrio, a lot of kids getting in trouble, but for the most part they are really good kids.The students are very friendly, they listen. I think there’s really good kids here. They don’t really know me, they are comparing me to the old campus patrol. The one that was here before, I think they are getting to know me little by little. I think so, I like Bowie, I like the pride of Bowie and I think is a really good family.Yes, I get along with everybody, I like to know all the staff. And I’m going to be here if they need anything. “







Coach Michael Lugo

“I ended up here at Bowie through just looking for an opportunity to teach at a high school level, I’ve been teaching for nine years and when I saw that Bowie High School had a position, I started looking to it and I applied, that’s why I did the interview process. I feel that there is a lot of pride, there is a sense of pride here as soon as you walk in here you can feel that there is a sense of El Paso here by the simple fact of having the schools spirit shirts, and everybody wanting to work together, teacher giving everybody around to help each other out.I enjoy all my students, one of the things that enjoy about my students is that they are willingness to work hard, they are willingness to show up and learn something new everyday. They are not contempt by only learning one thing, they are willing to learn something new, and learn new strategies everyday.Students respect me, and I think that it goes hand and hand, with me showing respect back to them as well. It’s never just one way, when we are only talking about respect, so if I want my students to respect me, I give that that respect as well for both willing to show respect to each other and to a learning agreement.I feel like, you know, right now I don’t know what the future holds. But yes I could see myself being here at Bowie High School, I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, I’m not one of those people that makes those types of predictions, but right now I feel really comfortable and feel really relax when I walk into this placeWe have to, it’s not as if I want to it’s one of the skills that we need and we try to instill in everybody to work together as a team to approach our goal. I am a coach and that is also another area were we have to respect each other and we  would have to work with each other.”