Shorter Lunch Thoughts

Gerardo Girard Zepeda

Zulema Lara, 10

“I think that lunch should be longer because sometimes we fail to do other activities that we would like to do. I spend my lunch time eating and being with my friends. I used to eat out of school before but I can’t since they cut lunch. No, I think its not helping with nothing since class schedules are the same. I would initiate a signature request in which if we reach a certain number of signatures, they can remove advisory. I think that lunch time does not define what school is like, however the time that was taken away from us would not help to not spend time in class asking permission to go to the bathroom.”

Adolfo Guerra, 10

“It is unfair that it is so short as it is only enough for us to eat. I just eat during lunch time. I ate, after that we had plenty of time left and went to the Chamizal or the gas station. No its not helpful, since it doesn’t give us time to clear our minds. I think that if we as students a protest or go on strike it would be helpful to try and change it. It changes the way I think about school because it gives the school a bad look.”

Davne Hernandez, 9 

“I would like lunch time to be a little longer. It only gives me time to eat and I would like to have some time to do some homework. I am freshman so I was not last year. No it s not productive, but I would like them to take away advisory to give us a longer lunch. I recommend talking to teachers to see if they agree to remove advisory.  I say not to overdo it, lunch does not change an opinion about a school.”