Working Together

Gabriela Gaona and Xochilth Gaona

   The 2019 volleyball varsity team are half way through their season this year. Bowie High School wants to know how they feel as players and what have been their obstacles throughout the season and what is new.

They have different players and different connections and bonds.

“We communicate more and we get along with each other,” Yaritza Carrasco said. 

The volleyball rules this season have changed regarding to their uniform and the scoring but the team don’t feel any difference towards it. 

“It’s nothing new to me,I feel it the same,” Sarahi Dominguez said.  

They feel like it’s been a good season so far, they just need to learn how to be mentally stronger as an individual and as a team.

“It’s been really tough,” Dominguez said.  

They’re trying to get along this season because they have new players on the team, barely adapting to each other, but everything is going the way it’s planned.

“We get along with one another,” Carrasco Said. 

The varsity volleyball team has more home games than away games this season than last season, makes the feel more confident.

“I like this year’s practice schedule and game schedule,” Carrasco said. 

The varsity team are making important changes this season, for them and their new group, they want to work hard and push themselves into the game and never give up. 

“We’ve also learned a new skill on how to hit the ball harder,” Carrasco Said.

Varsity volleyball team at Bowie High School had a great game against Austin High School, September 6, 2019 taking the win home. 

“I think all of our games have been great so far because we’ve put effort into every single one of them,” Dominguez said. 

The varsity volleyball team lost some of their greatest players, who graduated from Bowie High School last year. 

“This year we have new teammates with unique skills that can help us win,” Dominguez Said. 

Varsity volleyball girls are working and improving on getting along better with one another as teammates, in practice and in the court. 

“We’re working on getting mentally strong, helping each other stay strong,” Carrasco said. 

The girls on the varsity volleyball team don’t feel enough support or school spirit from Bowie High School. 

“We don’t really feel any kind of support from our school, especially on away games,” Dominguez said.