Working on first production, going on tournament

Vianney Guardado and Elizabeth Rivera

Jacob Rodriguez, theater teacher, said they have three major projects for all their classes that are included, also they are working on their first production that is called “Native Gardens” by Karen Zacarias.

“That’s going to be all the classes putting that together, all the actors and everything, they are going to be coming together after school as well so that’s a pretty big theatre production,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

Mr. Rodriguez said the last performance that they just did last week was important  because TXFA here in Texas have a huge what they call “Forensics Group”. Forensics not like in science, but Forensics like speaking and acting, competitive acting and all those things, it is a huge association. 

“I will dare say those competitions are bigger than UIL and carry just as much significance. It gets this kids prepared for UIL which is ultimately what the school district cares about, but the experience itself of doing those things, I think prepares people for life. That’s theatre in general, your ability to communicate, your ability to be articulated, present yourself,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

Mr. Rodriguez said they were thinking of going to “Del Valle” High School tournament which is got “Del Valle” High School saying this type of setup, several high schools like about 20 from around the area are going to compete again.

“I’m not sure we are going to get to do it, it’s so quick, people are kind of getting lower energy, so we may want to strategically wait on this one and maybe wait for the following week,” Mr. Rodriguez said.

Mr. Rodriguez said they are also preparing “Native Gardens” that’s going to be coming up hopefully, they are hoping they get to put in the dates right before we go on thanksgiving break.

“Before we all go on thanksgiving break you all should see the big show on stage and everything, so it should be fun,” Mr. Rodriguez said.