Record Number of Participants March in Parade

The Homecoming parade took place in Segundo Barrio, when participants started lining up by 5 P.M on Thursday. During the parade, people could see part of the programs and sport teams of Bowie as well as Guillen and even some elementary feeder schools.

As expected the Bowie court was there. Even the homecoming queen of 1960 was participating. This year, the court added spots for each grade level, including a princess and prince.

People that are not even from Bowie Participated, like South Central Bears, the Guillen band and the Segundo Barrio Futbol Club. Classes from 1969-1989 came to celebrate their reunion.

Natalie Flores was the senior princess and said that she had so much fun at waving to many people and she loved the fact that she rode with the school mascot.

“I was actually excited, it was pretty amazing that I got to participate in something like that,” Flores said.

Eduardo Moreno said that he contributed by being the junior prince and that his favorite part of the parade was when he waved at people and gave away all the candies.

“It was important for me because I wanted to feel what it was to be part of something other than soccer,” Moreno said.

Joseline Nuñez, 11, said that she contributed to the parade by going with the girls’ soccer team.

“Yes, it was important because it’s my junior year and I want to participate more in school activities,” Nuñez said.

Estephanie Barrera, 11, said that she was with the volleyball float for the parade and that it was important for her because she is trying to make the best of her junior year.

“Everything, this year, like the parade was way different and it was way better,” Barrera said.

Miranda Morales said that she contribute by going with the girls’ basketball team and that it was important for her because they represent part of Bowie High School.

“My favorite part was when the whole team screamed and waved at everyone,” Morales said.

Most students athletes came out to support because they are a part of a sports team.

“I’m in the softball team so coming out to support and show school spirit is important for me,” Angela Martinez, 10, said.

School spirit is important because it helps students get motivated everyday to come to school and give it their best.

“School spirit means a lot to me because it helps me get through school and find it fun,” Nynnet Compian, 10, said.

This year’s parade had more students and staff support and spirit than last year’s.

“This year we have more people coming out to support Bowie and the fundraisers and all that,” Compian said.

Being surrounded by fun times and friends/teammates is the reason why students come out and be a part of and enjoy the parade.

“Being a part of the parade and showing spirit for the sport I love is what I enjoyed the most,” Kayla Olmos, 9, said.

There aren’t many things to dislike about the parade, other than the obvious that students have to walk a lot during it.

“The walking can get tiring but that’s how the parade works,” Compian said.