What Are Students Thoughts On Advisory 2 Months Later?

Ian Carillo and Issac Ortiz

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0In the beginning of the year, everyone express opinions that express negative thoughts of advisory. But now 2 months later what are the students thoughts about now starting October.

Jorge Barajas

“I believe Mr.Flores and Mr.Facio are the best teachers for advisory. It going to continue, I don’t see it ending. They should take it away because it doesn’t count as a grade and it takes time away from lunch.I think advisory is getting better now either ways.”

Eduardo Moreno

“Mrs Rios is the best teacher for advisory class.. I think this will be the only year because of all the negative feedback its receiving and I can’t stand it anymore. I think they’re keeping it because we “learn” more when we don’t. My thoughts are still the same for advisory since the beginning.”

Dylan Rios

“My best teacher is Mr.Valenzuela. I think advisory will continue because it makes the students and the teacher come together and collaborate more with each other. They should take it away because we don’t have a lot of time to eat or get food. It changed my thoughts that advisory is class where you can speak up freely and feel comfortable with your surroundings.”

Diego Mendoza

“I like to take my class with Ms.Rios. I think it’s going to end this year because no one likes that class period . I think it should be taken away because I think the things we learn are just basics. They didn’t really change, I still look at it the same way I did since the beginning of school.”