HOCO Assembly

Ivette Gallegos and Daniel Enriquez

This year’s assembly may have been the biggest difference to homecoming due to the 8 p.m. start time, the change in location and a majority of alumni in attendance as compared to students who would go during school.

“It is great to shake things up, so they should keep assemblies after school,” Mario Lopez, 12, said.

Under the stadium lights, the football team, administration and alumni sat on the field and the band, color guard, mariachi, cheer and dance were on the track.

The court was announced at the beginning and each organization there performed. At the end, the alumni association made a speech and 2001 graduate Bobby Lerma Sr. was awarded the Bill Nater award, a new recognition begun this year.

Fireworks were supposed to be shown at this year’s assembly, but disappointedly, they were canceled because of some paperwork that wasn’t signed in time.

“The fireworks was something that motivated many people to go, but it was sad that they could not do them,” Lopez said.

The parade  was filled with alumine from 1934 until 2019.

One of the assembly coordinators Chef Puga said that he enjoyed that a lot of alumni were able to attend from the 80s and 2000s. He wanted to let the student know that the students can still be involved after graduation.

Chef Puga said that the reason the assembly was at dawn was because most alumni were going to be able to attend and there were going to be fireworks.

Some people disagreed with the assembly being after school because a good amount couldn’t make it after school and also, for freshmen who had never experienced it before, they were sceptic about going at night.

“In my opinion, newcomers are very rare to get involved in something, and with the assembly during school, they had to go, and realize what that is about,” Karla Reyes, 12, said.