Spirit Week

Irvin Duran, Nicole Fraire, Adriana Terrazas, and Prisila Gurrola

The funniest week of the year is the traditional week called “The HOCO Week” because the students can dress up and try to create their outfits for being the best in the school.  Majority of the students take part in this activities and we all have our fun time together.

“I like the day of Heroes vs. Villains, my dress up is the villain, and I like this day because I think that I have dressed up for me,” Felix said.

I think it was, when we dress in a character of Disney, because i feel like you can dress up of your favorite character and remember your childhood, and see a lot of characters you remember watching as a kid,” Perez said.

For Perez and Felix it is their last year and they decided to participate because it is funny for them, and they can have memories to look back at in the future. Also, many people think that more students need to participate in “The HOCO Week” because it makes school fun and much easier to enjoy.

“Honestly, I don’t have ideas for my next year when i graduate, I’m just enjoying my last year here,” Felix said.


“The best way to spend my last year as a senior is to show more school spirit, and try my best in anything, because when you are a senior time passes by really fast,” Perez said.

“The HOCO Week” is not for everyone, they will always be some students that don’t participate at all or sometimes they don’t like the theme of a certain day.

“I like the idea of some teachers dressing up, it shows their sense of humor, it’s funny,” Felix said.

“You see that they like to show spirit school school as well as students, seeing them dress up can inspire students who don’t dress up to get involved in the HOCO week,” Perez said.

Bowie is a fun and enjoyable school and when we have activities like HOCO week, it’s time for students to show their school spirit.

Amber Macias, 12

“My favorite day was buddy day because a few friends and I got together and dressed up as the Dwarfs from Snow White. I was the Sleepy dwarf so we just got a big shirt because we all wanted to match, some converse and a beanie. I dressed up for all the days. I really liked that it was this theme. The only day that I would change was Thursday because it was about spirit day and Marvel theme, Super Hero vs Villain.”






Kimberly Robledo, 12

“My favorite day from spirit week was Buddy Day because I got really creative with my costume. I dressed up as Vanellope from Wreck it-Ralph, my friend Hector dressed up as Ralph. One of other friends, Bryan, dressed up as Fix-it Felix and my friend Lina dressed up as one of the other racers so we all looked pretty nice together. I participated in all the days. I really liked the theme because it was something that I personally really liked so I think I got to have fun with something that I like. The day I would change was the last one because I really wanted to dress up with the super hero vs the super villain but I felt like I was going to be the only one dressing up because they mixed it up with spirit day so I didn’t get to dress up that day.”