Decorations Taking Over The Hallways

Natily Lopez, Julian Lopez, and Pablo Torres

A big part of homecoming is decorating halls and doors to show spirit. For the first time in many years, almost every hallway was decorated, which gave students a pleasant surprise going to class each day.

Keisha Lozano, 9, said she noticed how different everything was compared to her middle school year and what she enjoyed the most was seeing people come together and collaborate.

“My first impression was that everything looked really nice compared to my middle school. For example here it was more creative and it had more school spirit. I really liked that people came together to help,” Lozano said.

Lozano also said how the events they had made homecoming better because this way, they caught their attention and people were actually interested in helping with decorations and in attending several events they had this year.

“I think that a lot of people came together to help create it and it made people feel more interested towards it,” Lozano said.

Alesandra Ferrer, 10, said this year’s decorations looked way better than last year’s and teachers really helped by influencing students to help and get involved in the events homecoming had this year.

“I enjoyed a lot the decorations and games they had. I think that it was more people interested this year than last year like the New Tech teachers really influenced us to collaborate more,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer said her favorite thing about homecoming was how much school spirit there was and how she really enjoyed it.

“This year, in my opinion, everything was better because you could see students interest in participating to help make homecoming better,” Ferrer said.

Diana Sandoval, 10, said there was a lot of creativity, mainly thanks to the Disney theme. She said that the ideas they had this year were better, especially from the senior hallway.

“My favorite thing about this year was the ideas for decorations like the superheroes idea they had in B building,” Sandoval said.

Freshmen got together the Saturday before to decorate downstairs A-building, juniors had upstairs A-building and seniors were downstairs B-building. Along one hallway in B-building, Mrs. Blanca Tarango, Ms. Lourdes Balderrama and Miss Angelica Garcia collaborated with their students to make a comic book Marvel theme.