Faculty, Staff Treated to 1st Tailgate

Homecoming is usually meant for students to let loose and enjoy the week but teachers are also encouraged to get in on the fun. This year, they were specifically invited to a tailgate, sponsored by Teacher’s Federal Credit Union, to invite them to the big game.

Tailgates are something new for our school.

“So we have a team named A team and there’s four of us that gather together and create new ideas for the schoo. The tailgate was something new for Bowie and more faculty got and that’s why we created a tailgate for our faculty … because we wanted everyone to be at the football games and not only alumni,” chef Christopher Puga said.

The teachers were amazed since it was something new to them and when they realized there was a tailgate they were happy to relax and eat with their family and each other.

“We had a great turn out and a lot of teachers showed up and also went to the game and it really showed who we are as a family,” chef Puga said.

“We faculty found out about the tailgate through are weekly announcements from Mr. Beck and also the daily announcements,” librarian Martha Marquez said.

Since it was a the last minute thing, with the help of two staff members, the tailgate’s showing was a success.

”It was Ms. Roberts and chef Puga and I believe it was planned two days before or three days before,” English teacher Mr. Sam Gomez said.

Most of the teachers were excited because they had opportunities to take their family members and have a great time with their colleagues.

“I got to bring my family,” Mr. Gomez said.

For some teachers, it was the first time attending a tailgate and even game and the staff said they were glad that they had an opportunity to go and enjoy it after they had worked so hard.

“The best part is that I had never been to a tailgate like that and it was a very good time. I had never been to one and I enjoyed myself being there. That was the best part of it and seeing everyone as well.” Ms. Marquez said.