New & Better Performance


Jasmin Gurrola and Adriana Terrazas

Ms. Cynthia Reyes is a new english teacher in Bowie high school, she studied in San Antonio to becoming a teacher, she starts to work in 2014 in middle school with 7 grades.

“Before teaching i worked on campus, I work in career services center, and I will help students with the interviews,” Ms. Reyes said.

She said had a wonderful  teacher when she was in middle school, when she gets to high school teacher named Ms. Mallers, she inspired her to become a teacher.            

“ My parents… My parents are Godsent and they always support me, and always trust in me, even my age, with the baby, and the marriage they continue to help me,” Ms. Reyes said.

She said that being a teacher is the best work  in the world because she can to learn with their students, and she is very interesting to do a variety of  activities for the students can learn.

“I choose to work at Bowie because almost all  whole family comes from Bowie, so I want to get back to the community… because is my whole family came here, I just feel like, I did not come to Bowie but, I just feel that I need it to be part of the family tradition,” Ms Reyes said.

She have ideas very creatives for her students can learn her subject, her plan is doing a lot of projects, and do a lot of group work, she to explain her students her subject for the students know for what, and why doing the things. 

“I choose to be a teacher to the spyer everyday is something new , I love to see the little light bulb to turn on top of their heads and the  conversations, I love singer students learn and talk, It’s the best job in the world!!,” Ms. Reyes said

She decided to stay in the University Scenarios, and she finished her studies in San Antonio 2014, she decided to work in some schools.

 “This is my 6 year, I getting stated in San Antonio, I was there for…3 years, 7 and 8 grade, and then I move here, I was actually in Jefferson, for 2 years, so now i’m in Bowie, these is my 6 year,” Ms. Reyes said.

  The advice of Ms. Reyes for all students, is to have dreams and try to follow the dreams, are pushing in different way because yet can be hard, you feel something is right, and she finished said always follow your heart.